Life Ventures Group creates brands that exploit underserviced global niches, monetizing those niches with a number of activities and channels, including digital and print content, advertising, events, ticketing, storefronts, sponsorships, subscriptions and more.


Formula Life is THE media brand that explores the luxury side of motorsport lifestyle.


Designed for the Best Concierge Companies in the World

Republic 66 Media

Republic 66 Media is the umbrella group for a multitude of LEGO oriented products & services.

The EPIC Platform

Engagement. Performance. Insights. Content.

Our platform is available to use as a white label service. This enables you to bring our content, with your brand to your audience directly, through the web, through an APP and through content that is presented as digital editions and publications. The platform enables you to utilise our content as well as upload your own. You are able to dictate who has access to what content and there are full insights and analytics from the audience engagement. The platform has a variety of additional features including click throughs from adverts to calls to action along with embedded video play within a page. It is also simple to upload existing marketing content.


The different options available to you from Life Ventures Group
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› We produce content; from editorial and features to video, imagery, and animations.
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› We innovate and create new channels, as well and embracing existing ones in order to deliver content to our audiences.
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› We build and grow audiences, with detailed insights.